Slovakia / Slovak republic – Slovensko, Slovenská republika

Welcome to Slovakia, one of the new EU Member States, located in the heart of Europe. Not only is Slovakia a country in Central Europe, it is actually in the center of Europe. That’s right, the exact geographic center of Europe can be found approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) from the Slovak town of Kremnicaˆ.

An iron-concrete bridge in Telgárt in the Low Tatras A view of the High Tatras

Slovakia, or officially Slovak republic, is a small democratic country located in the middle of Europe. Its immediate neighboursˆ are Austria, the Czech republic (with which Slovakia formed a single state until 1993), Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary. The Capital of Slovakia is Bratislavaˆ, and it is also its political, economic, scientific and cultural center.
Apart from being a Member State of the European Union (as of May 1, 2004) and the Schengen Area (as of December 21, 2007), Slovakia is a member of many other international organisations (UN, NATO, OECD, UNESCO, OSCE, WHO, etc.).

Castle in Slovakia (Orava) A wooden church in the Eastern Slovakia (Source:

As mentioned before, Slovakia is a small country. Why not take an advantage of it, considering you can get to any place in Slovakia quickly and easily.
You can go skiingˆ in the mountains in the North, then in the afternoon take a bath in one of the numerous spas in the West, and finish up the day drinking a fine cocktail and dancing the night away in Bratislava’s glamorous cocktail barsˆ.
Maybe you would prefer to travel East and admire the wooden churches from the 17th and 18th century, and one of the largest castle compoundsˆ in Central Europe, or maybe you would like to go wine tastingˆ in one of the oldest wine regions in Europe, the Tokaj regionˆ. Indeed, in Slovakia you can do just about anything you like most doing.

If you still believe Slovakia is a country, where people can torture and kill others for pleasure, and where railroad is just being constructed (as mentioned in the movies Hostelˆ and Eurotripˆ), come visit Slovakia and you’ll see how very mistaken you are.